Foot Surgeon

For residents of the Hammond, IN area who have wondered where the best foot surgeon in the area is located, call us right away for an appointment to begin treatment for your foot issue. We offer both invasive and non-invasive treatment and surgery for various foot and ankle conditions. We are the local, full-service, and modern treatment facility that is European Foot and Ankle Clinic. We treat many conditions and provide surgical repair for foot and ankle issues. We offer the finest and most complete center for the treatment of foot and ankle issues in the entire area. Whether you are in need of treatment or surgery, we are the best place to visit. 

At European Foot and Ankle Clinic, we have the reputation of being the most skilled foot surgeon in the community. We have delivered the area's finest foot and ankle care for the past 17 years. You'll find that our treatment center offers the most modern treatment center in the community offering the latest in treatment and surgical intervention. We are a full-service podiatry center that takes care of all problems affecting the foot and ankle area. Our rates are affordable and we will go out of our way to always make sure you are always relaxed, comfortable, ready for the successful application of your treatment. Apart from our training, experience, and success in treating patients, we charge modest fees for our services. 

To make an appointment with us, either give us a call or visit us at to access a contact form. While you're there, take a moment to learn more about our treatment center and all the ways we can help you.