Foot Pain Specialist

Do you or a family member suffer from foot pain? If you live in or nearby the Hammond, IN vicinity, one of the best foot pain specialist clinics is close. It's European Foot and Ankle Clinic and we have successfully treated foot and ankle problems for nearly two decades. We make it a point to keep abreast of all the latest treatments and procedures that are available today. Our dedication, experience, courteous demeanor, and affordable pricing has made us a highly regarded part of the local medical community. What's important to understand is there is no need for you to continue to suffer and one of the most esteemed foot pain specialist centers in the area is close and happy to help you. We are always happy to greet and treat new patients. When you are ready, call for an appointment.

Finding a foot pain specialist who has been successful in treating various problems of the feet and ankles can sometimes be difficult. You want the best quality care, but driving miles out of the way for your treatment can be taxing. That is one of the many reasons we at European Foot and Ankle Clinic is the podiatry center you'll want to visit. We are just a short distance away, we are highly trained and experienced in both invasive and non-invasive treatment, we offer reasonable pricing, and we have successfully treated local patients for over 17 years. When you are ready to end the chronic pain you have suffered, come see us. We can help you.

We have been a vital part of the area's medical community for nearly 20 years. Check us out at for more details about the treatments we offer.