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Chronic pain in the heel area is a medical condition many people endure. If you are a sufferer of this condition, and if you live in or near Hammond IN, and are looking for a heel pain specialist, look no further. At European Foot and Ankle Clinic, we offer successful treatment and surgical procedures for injuries to the foot and ankle, including the heel. Of all the body parts, the area between the foot and ankle areas sustain the greatest impact in our day-to-day activities. Allow us to help you when it comes to chronic ankle pain. Our location is nearby to various cities within the local vicinity including Deerview, Glenview, Whiting, as well as Hammond, IN. We have spent the past 17 years providing treatment and solutions for conditions that cause problems in the heel area. Call us to make an appointment. We can help you.

There are several treatments that can help you to overcome heel-problems. At European Foot and Ankle Clinic, we offer the latest techniques being used in the foot care community as well as state-of-the-art medical technology to make sure we are providing the most up-to-date treatments and procedures for our patients. With nearly two decades of treating the community for foot and ankle disease, we are the most experienced healthcare provider in the local area. If you are looking for an excellent heel pain specialist, we are the only treatment facility for foot and ankle conditions that is nearby to the local community and offers excellent care at an affordable cost. 

Our treatment center is dedicated to helping patients who suffer from foot and ankle pain. Details are available at Allow us to help put an end to the suffering you are going through with heel pain.