Best Foot Doctor

If you are looking for a ‘podiatrist near me’ in the Chicago, IL area, you'll be pleased to know that one of the best in the entire area is close to you. It's European Foot and Ankle Clinic, and we have spent the past 17 years delivering the highest levels of foot and ankle care to the local community. Whether you need treatment for conditions related to Diabetes or you are seeking the surgical removal of a bunion, we are experienced in delivering these services and more to you and your family. Pain in the foot area can become so severe that it can retard your ability to move about freely. Intense pain in this area may also greatly limit the types of footwear you are able to wear comfortable. 

If you ask many area people where to find a great ‘podiatrist near me’, you'll likely hear the European Foot and Ankle Clinic high on the list of recommendations. People who have been treated by us are pleased by their own outcome that they are happy to recommend us to their family and friends. Beyond our already extensive training in Podiatry, we are continuously learning of new and more effective treatments developing in the field of Podiatry. We offer complete podiatry services, encompassing both non-invasive and invasive treatment. You will find us to be friendly, courteous, professional, and affordably priced. There is no reason for you to endure foot pain when our state-of-the-art healthcare center is nearby and eager to help you.

If you want more information about our office, location as well as the foot conditions we treat, visit our website at There is also a contact form on the site if you prefer to get in touch with us that way.